Hurricane Sandy Relief

KidLit Cares Auction

So I know we normally blog about food and wellness, but this is a little different. There are a ton of people in the Northeast still without food, water, or electricity. And even more are facing a cold start to winter with damage to heir homes and no heat. As a former New Yorker, I couldn’t be more scared and upset for them. So I’m giving back and I’m hoping you will want to to or that maybe you’ll know someone who wants to.

My day job is a children’s book editor. So I’ve donated my editorial skills as part of an auction with others in the children’s book industry to help raise money for those affected by Sandy. I’m auctioning off a two-round manuscript critique. I’ll read your manuscript (any length or type, although I specialize in middle grade fiction), send comments and notes, then read your revision, and send further comments. Most people are auctioning off a first chapter critique or a cover letter critique–a two-round revision of any manuscript is gold in the publishing world for an aspiring writer! So please bid for yourself or even as a gift to a writer in your life. But please bid, it’s for a really good cause!