Peanut-, Almond-, and Every-Kind-of-Nut-Butter Recall (and a Little Something About Eggs)

I’m pretty sure everyone has heard about the Trader Joe’s peanut butter recall, which has expanded to include waaaaayyyy more than just a couple of TJ’s peanut butters. It appears that nut butters from Sunland, Inc., which manufactures for multiple brands, are the source of the recall. It’s up over one hundred products now. Almond butter has been a staple in my home the last year, so I’m definitely concerned about what products are in my home. You can keep up to speed on additional recalls and added products (cookies, etc.) HERE.

Also, as part of my minimal contribution to this blog, I wanted to share an interesting article I read last week about whether organic eggs are a scam. It has made me think about how loosely the buzzword organic is thrown around without a clear definition attached to it. I want to be more mindful of where my food comes from, for health reasons and because I think animals who provide sustenance for me should be treated humanely. I’d love to hear your thoughts on this article.

This infographic at the end of the article condenses down some of the info:

Has the peanut butter recall affected you? What are your thoughts on humane and cruelty-free farming and ranching? 

Mom’s Planning Kiddie Birthday Parties Rejoice!

Chuck E. Cheese is testing gluten-free products! The littlest gluten-freebie fans of the animatronic mouse may soon be able to have their birthday parties at the beloved restaurant chain while enjoying gf pizza and chocolate cake. If I were a gluten-free kid I’d be psyched.

Now, I’m not claiming that Chuck E. Cheese could ever be considered healthy, but I do think this is a gf win! I loved birthday parties there as a kid. Sure they weren’t very creative, but there was pizza, cake, a robot show, games, and you could trade in tickets for plastic prizes that feel apart within a few hours. How is that not awesome to a kid?

Sometimes us gluten-freebies just want to feel normal. Most of the time I’m cool with my dietary restrictions, but every once in a while I would love to walk into a normal chain restaurant and just order something off of the menu without asking a gazillion questions and making a fuss–and I’m a grown woman who knows and understands why that will probably never be possible (although sometimes I like to daydream about a completely gluten-free world. Sigh.) I would imagine that it’s tough to be a gf kid who can never eat the food at birthday parties and gets labeled a “weirdo” for their gf eating habits. Now they can have a completely generic birthday party at Chuck E. Cheese (only in Minnesota for now) just like everyone else.

Gluten-Free Celebs: Good or Evil?

Kim Kardashian has joined the ranks of celebs who admitted to using a gluten-free diet to lose weight. Miley Cyrus, Zooey Deschanel, Scarlett Johansson, Billy Bob Thornton, Ryan Phillipe, Victoria Beckham, Selma Blair, and many others have all been linked to gluten-free diets for a variety of reasons. Some have celiac’s, wheat allergies, sensitivities, or just want to feel better or get slimmer (Obviously, a gluten-free diet won’t necessarily make you lose weight. There are plenty of gf foods with as much fat and sugar as any other junk food out there!). But the question is: how do you feel when a celebrity announces that they have gone gluten-free?

For me, if the celeb suffers from celiac or an allergy, I usually want to send them a gf-free cookie basket. But the ones who treat the gluten-free lifestyle as a fad diet really make me angry. That sort of flippant treatment of a diet that is the only cure for the disease I suffer from kind of makes me want to punch those celebs in the face. Cutting out all grains (including gf grains) will help you lose weight, but that doesn’t make you gluten-free. It means you are on a no-grain diet. You will not get sick if the waiter accidentally puts salad dressing containing wheat on your salad or if your salmon has a glaze made with soy sauce on it. You probably won’t even realize that you consumed gluten, so you certainly won’t complain to the restaurant or bother to correct that waiter’s assumption that the dish he served you was NOT, in fact, gluten-free. So chances are, he’ll recommend that same not-gf dish to someone with celiac’s and make them really sick. And, because of the followings these celebs have, they often inspire others to emulate them–ensuring that waiters and restaurants all over the country think things are gf that are not. See why this makes me angry?

I used to be delighted when a celeb announced that they followed a gluten-free diet. When Jenny McCarthy promoted the gf lifestyle back in 2006, I saw a whole new host of gf products show up in my grocery store. It was like Christmas for my taste buds. But, as time has gone on, it seems like celebrities aren’t inspiring more products–they’re just diluting the seriousness of an issue that affects so many people!

Am I crazy to feel this way? Are y’all pro gf celebs and anti me punching them?