Wendy’s Now Offers Baked Sweet Potatoes

On yet another road trip, I was pretty thrilled to discover that Wendy’s now offers baked sweet potatoes as a side. I’m currently on the dreaded phase one, minus apples, bananas, melons, and gasp—all sweeteners. But, as a trade for apples and bananas, Dr. Jana said I could have sweet potatoes and quinoa.


I’m happy to report; it was delicious! I didn’t put any of the cinnamon butter or their “buttery spread” and it was still very good.

We travel pretty regularly, so another gluten-free fast food option is fantastic.

Not that I’m above cheating. Stay tuned for my confession of my glorious weekend of fail in Chicago. Cheating at the Italian Village in Chicago is far more rewarding than cheating at Wendy’s.