So . . . We’ve Been Kinda Busy

But we have not abandoned our blog or our gluten-free lifestyle. We’ve just had a hard time coming up for air recently.

All three of us work together in the publishing industry—an industry that never sleeps and happens to get particularly busy this time of year for those of us working on fall releases. Between that and the rest of life, we’ve all been a little slammed.

And although too much busyness can negatively affect all parts of everyone’s life—would someone like to come and clean my bathroom?—it’s still possible to be busy and gluten free. And, it’s even possible to be gluten free and stress eat. For example, I spent most of last Sunday afternoon and evening putting the final touches on a big presentation while intermittently stuffing my face with chocolate Almond Dream bites and Trader Joe’s sea salt potato chips.

We’ll be back with more recipes, tips, thoughts, and things we learn about having a healthy, gluten-free lifestyle. Today, however, I really have to clean my bathroom.