GF Lunch for $3.27

I haven’t been quite as Gluten-Fail recently, but I also don’t have any exciting recipes or reviews . . . well, I guess you can sort of call this a review.

Recently, my life has been a combination of work, travel, company, repeat. Jumble up, reverse, repeat. The next month and a half is more of the same. And actually, that’s fine with me. The three aforementioned items are three of my favorite things. I’m just a little more tired and unorganized than normal.

All that to say, on one of my trips, I discovered a satisfying on-the-go GF meal. It’s perfect for fall and winter. And you can find it in almost any moderate-sized town in America.

Wendy’s sour cream and chive baked potato with a small chili. It’s really good, it’s filling, and it’s $3.27. Ask for an extra sour cream, pour half the chili on the potato and eat half plain. Cover both in sour cream and enjoy! My disclaimer here is that though this is gluten-free, it is not the world’s healthiest meal. And if you have corn allergies, I’m very sad to say that both the chili and the sour cream have corn in them.

Check out the ingredients here:



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