That’s pretty much all I’ve done lately. I’m not even sure the last time I went an entire day without gluten. It’s total fail.

When I get busy, there are a few things that go first. They’re actually really terrible things to be dropped, but it’s usually exercise, Bible and devotional reading, and healthy meal planning. Yes, I realize dropping my physical and spiritual health is a horrible idea. I wake up, hurry to get ready, and dart out the door. Add traveling and company to an already busy schedule, stir in a total lack of willpower, and you will see a picture of my face.

With the holidays coming, I really need to get back on track. I actually like being gluten free. I feel better when I’m gluten free. And I definitely feel better when I’m eating well, exercising, and taking quiet time to read and pray. 

Hopefully, I’ll soon be eating better and blogging about delicious gluten-free recipes. Let’s hope. 🙂


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