How to Eat My Way Out of House and Home

I want to make a plan to eat my freezer and pantry EMPTY. It’s bugging me that we have all this food, and I want to see how little I can spend on groceries over the next two months. Kind of an experiment. Both are pretty well stocked. The pantry is very organized. Mostly. I mean, I know where everything is. A stranger might think I’m an idiot. The freezer, uh . . . not so much. I look at it and KNOW I’m an idiot.

Have you done this before? How did you find the time to plan and organize? My life has changed so much since I started working out of the house again. I have such limited time. My weekdays are a wash. Alarm goes off between 5:30 and 6:00. I read in bed and cuddle the cat until about 6:30. Get ready, pack brekkie and lunch (on an ideal day), out the door, and off to work. I usually get home around 6:30–7:00—except on the couple nights I have commitments, which lands me at home closer to 8:30–9:00. And now that I joined the Y and will become a fitness maven, who knows when I’ll come home. (That’s a joke, btw.) Dinner is often unexciting. Like a veggie scramble and fruit, a salad, or GF frozen waffles with almond butter and fruit. I ain’t got time for no planning during the week.

Weekends haven’t been much better. I find that they often revolve around laundry, catching up on housework, grocery shopping and errands, and WORK. That’s an entire freaking day right there, and if it’s a day like today, I may have thrown in cleaning my bathroom, but I still haven’t even showered, paid bills, or changed my bedding. As MacKenzie mentioned, this is busy time in publishing-land, and my weekends show it. I just can’t seem to muster the creativity to come up with a plan. At the moment, I can’t even remember what my favorite foods are so I could even begin drafting a meal plan. What did I used to cook? I have no idea. Also, I can’t even keep my fridge organized at this moment, so there’s that. The only step I’ve taken so far is to start systematically using all my lovely frozen chicken stock, which I made back when I used to have time for this domestic Martha Stewart nonsense. It’s so worlds-beyond better than the carton stock from the grocery store and has made my quinoa and sprouted brown rice sing. But that’s as far as I gotten. Not good enough.

Have you ever done this before—a month of pantry/freezer eating (with a little shopping for produce)? Do you have any suggestions for a girl with very limited time? Is it possible that I could figure this out in less than two hours on a Sunday afternoon? That’s really all the time I have to devote to it at this point. I’d love some ideas!


2 thoughts on “How to Eat My Way Out of House and Home

  1. I think this is a great idea. Yesterday I cleaned out my freezer, and most of it just got pitched because it was way past being edible.

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