Easy Overnight Breakfast Casserole: Perfect for Company!

I found this recipe for crock pot breakfast casserole several months ago on Pinterest. I’ve been meaning to try for ages but didn’t get around to it until this weekend. We tend to have a lot of house guests, and last weekend we were able to enjoy the company of one of my best friend’s in-laws who were in town for a birthday. Saturday night I managed to pull myself out of my allergy fog long enough to throw together this quick and easy recipe.

You can see the original recipe here, but I made a number of modifications. One thing I love about is that you could adapt it and try lots of things with it. Because there were only four of us, I cut the recipe mostly in half. Only three of us ate the next morning, and it was plenty for that and for leftovers for me and Josh.

You’ll need:

7 eggs (If you’re not buying cage-free, I highly recommend; you can taste the difference)
2/3 a cup of milk (I used coconut almond milk)
A pinch of dill
2/3 of an 8 oz block of cheese (I used Monterey Jack)
1/2 bag of hash brown potatoes
1/2 a package of your breakfast meat of choice (I used gluten-free, all natural Hormel honey ham)
veggies of your choice (I used green onion from my garden and fresh mushrooms)

I sauteed my veggies in a little coconut oil for just a few minutes and set aside. I rubbed the inside of my crock pot with coconut oil, more on that later, and then began to layer the casserole. Start with a layer of potatoes and then add your meat, cheese, and vegetables. Repeat. In my medium-sized crock, I got about two full layers. End with cheese on top. Beat together eggs, milk, and your pinch of dill. The recipe called for dried, but I snagged some fresh from my garden. Pour the mixture over the layers, and you’re done! Set your crock to cook on low, and you’ll have a yummy breakfast waiting when you and your guests get up in the morning.

One thing I will change is the timing and the crock I use. Her recipe says 8 to 10 hours on low, and we erred on the side of caution to make sure it was done because we had to eat early before church. We all thought it was delicious, but in my opinion it was a little too done. (Per my note on coating my crock with coconut oil; it wasn’t quite enough. Because it was a little too done, it was also a little too stuck to the sides. Coat generously.) Next time, whether I make the large version or the small, I’ll put it in my bigger, automatic crock and set it for 8 hours so it goes to warm if we’re not up yet.


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