My name is Lisa and I am a gluten-free glutton.

I sit in the cubicle next to Jennifer at work and I can confirm that she did, indeed, reach the height of whininess when she started the Dr. Woo Woo lifestyle change. (I don’t like calling it a diet because when I do, people instantly think it’s a diet to lose weight—and that is not the motivation behind this, although weight loss is one of the benefits.) I’d also like to confirm that I was not the least bit annoyed by her antics. If anything, I felt terribly sorry for her. After all, she could no longer receive the emotional comfort that came with eating macaroni and cheese, chips and cookies, and blue cake pops. (Can we all identify?) We’re talking sustenance for the soul here, and, to me, having that taken away is the lowest of lows one could experience.

I also admired her. It takes courage to make a major life change, especially when no one else around you is making those same changes. Any kind of change is flat-out hard, so it’s doubly hard when you’re not surrounded by others who are on the same quest and who have the same conviction. There was one person in our department, her name is Molly, who had a very clear idea about what Jen was experiencing—Molly is a professional GFG, but Molly doesn’t sit near Jen like I do, to give instant support and encouragement that only a true comrade can give.

Well, about a month after this new lifestyle quest started, pity and admiration for Jen slowly evolved into curiosity for me. The curiosity turned into asking questions. And more questions. And before I knew it, I couldn’t wait to arrive at work and ask for the latest milestone she had reached, as well as see what she brought for breakfast and lunch. It became an adventure. I’d never heard of kale chips or blue agave syrup or coconut oil. Coconut oil! Ewww.

At the same time this adventure was happening, my dear, sweet husband of 17 years (his name is Steve) had been experiencing a long, 18-month string of health issues. And while his doctors tried to pinpoint a diagnosis, they got prescription happy and prescribed drug after drug, none of which helped—they actually made him worse. Well, one morning while listening to Steve describe in vivid detail how terrible he felt, and seeing his tired, discouraged eyes from being in chronic pain, I blurted, “I wonder if you should go to the doctor Jen is going to.” Then I began to explain some of what I’d learned about Dr. Woo Woo and the success stories I’d heard at work. After only a few minutes of downloading, Steve got up and called for an appointment. I was so glad.

Now, after witnessing Jen’s experiences I knew what Steve was in for, and a wave of panic quickly hit: if he goes on this lifestyle change, I should probably go on it too. For support. Okay, well, I thought, I can do this. IF JEN CAN DO IT, I CAN DO IT. Then the panic quickly changed to shock when I realized I was going to have to quit drinking coffee. I’d been drinking coffee—strong coffee—for 35 years. I didn’t know how not to drink coffee. And if you think that’s bad, it was two weeks before Thanksgiving. (Did I mention it’s good to have a sense of humor when embarking on a journey like this?!)

Thus began my own journey of completely upside down, inside out way of eating and living. I say living because what I’ll be sharing—what we’ll all be sharing—will change how you see, think, prepare, and cook food. And after only the first 3 months, I’ve lost 10 lbs, my bad cholesterol has dropped 24 points, and I’ve never felt better in my life, physically and mentally.

Before I go, you’re probably wondering what any of this has to do with big berries. Well, nothing actually. I confess I just thought it was a hilarious title. 🙂



  1. Hahahaha! You KNOW I love the title of your post. 🙂 And I love that we’re doing this together and seeing such positive results. (I’m making coconut flour lemon poppyseed muffins right now. Will bring some in tomorrow!)

  2. I love that title, too! 🙂 I know Jen from our college days and I’m excited to read your blog. My younger son has some respiratory issues and one of the things our naturopath suggested was cutting out wheat to see if that helps—I’ve already cut WAY back for all of us but we’re not totally free yet. Almost completely dairy free now, which is helping cut back congestion for all of us.

    Just made a gluten-free cookie mix (Pamela’s brand) and we all like it, though it was way too sweet for me. We’re so much into green smoothies now that baking-type stuff tastes really sweet to me now. When I used to do a lot of wheat-full baking, I used to cut the sugar at least in half.

    Looking forward to recipes from here!

    • I’m so glad to hear about yet another success story in the works. Cutting out dairy (especially cheese) has been the hardest thing for me to overcome, but the benefits outweigh the lost pleasure. But I admit, one of my first ‘cheat meals’ was a grilled cheese sandwish made with Tillamook cheddar–it’s the best. I LOVE your name, Mamatouille! 🙂 Ratatouille is one of my favorite vegi dishes ever (Julia Child’s recipe). Blessings on your road to healthy eating!

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